Terry & Carol's Going Away Party   

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June 2006
If you can't read this, Terry & Carol's contact information is:

506 Braemar Cres
Saskatoon, Sk. S7V 1A2
(306) 373-0479

Terry and Carol's kids are sneaky!  We got invitations in the mail months before the party.  We were warned that is was a surprise and not to give away the secret. 

When Terry & Carol walked in the door, friends and family yelled "surprise".  After a moment to catch their breath, they asked "for what?".  They were definitely surprised!

Jim, Jeff, Tara and Ray were there, along with Marusia, David, Rasa, Sam & Emma.  Adrian, Brad, Maria & Aunty Pat came from Vancouver Island.  Friends came from Victoria and the Okanagan, as well as many locals to say goodbye to 10684 Santa Monica Place, and 'we'll miss you' to Terry & Carol.

We had a great time.  Tara, Jim, Jeff, and Marusia did a fabulous job on the organizing, renting tables and tableware, and putting together a wonderful spread of food including a fun chocolate fountain!

As always, click on the small picture to bring up the bigger picture.

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DSC_0124.JPG (195076 bytes) DSC_0125.JPG (116807 bytes) DSC_0128.JPG (110728 bytes) Here is the fabulous chocolate fountain.

DSC_0129.JPG (125874 bytes) This, you will be interested to know, is Marusia's beautiful foot.

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DSC_0153.JPG (201843 bytes) Here Marusia decides to try a cigar.  DSC_0154.JPG (166224 bytes) Yuck, she doesn't like it.

DSC_0155.JPG (255880 bytes) Goodbye house.  We had a lot of good times there, and we have many wonderful memories.