Some Family Photos    

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Some news and pictures. 

Sheryl and I recently purchased a property south of Algonquin Park. (It's about a two hour drive north-east of Sunderland, three hours from Toronto). 

It's a four-season place that requires some finishing (i.e. water and sewage) but we'll get to that later. All very useable and enjoyable right now. 

The buildings sit within a 16 acre parcel of land that's primarily hardwood trees, maple and oak (maybe we'll get Dad busy making maple syrup next spring).

There is a small lake 500 metres from the front door.

The buildings looking south

Looking west

Looking north-west


High-tech solar panels drive a 1500 watt system, enough for a microwave, 
toaster and television -- but not at the same time.

Sheryl demonstrating low-tech plumbing system

Little bitch goes to the beach for a November dip...

Naliak in action
Less action

No action
New door compliments of Shane, Dad and Owen

Indoor wildlife

Outdoor wildlife

View out back

View out back2

Naliak (meaning 'which one')

Una (meaning 'this one' in Inuktutuk)

Taanna (meaning 'that one')