Family Reunion 2006   

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Happenings at Uncle Peter & Aunty Isabelle's Cabin 

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Before the reunion started, we did a lot of socializing at the cabin.

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And there was some cooking and cleaning.

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We had the most fabulous weather.  
It wasn't too hot, and the mosquitoes weren't too many!

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Joel and Brad did a really great job of cooking a lot, 
and I mean A LOT of tasty fish caught by Joel, Uncle Peter & Aunty Isabelle
at the pre-reunion fish fry.

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We talked.  We laughed.  We had fun.  

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Uncle Peter had the funniest T Shirt.

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Brad and Maria rented a silver 2007 Mustang convertible, 
and we all enjoyed checking it out.

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These photos were technically taken at Lawrence and Joanne's cabin.

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