Family Reunion 2006   

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  The Lawn Dart Tournament Finals - Women

The Women's Final was held, on a beautiful Sunday evening, at the elite lawn dart grounds behind Uncle Peter and Aunty Isabelle's cabin

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As the official referee, Aunty Isabelle was transported to the Final Event in style.

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The two women's finalists, after a grueling tournament, are Aunty Joan and Melanie.

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It is an exciting match. 

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The women are concentrating.

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The audience is on the edge of their seats.

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Aunty Joan takes the lead.  It is looking bad for Melanie...

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But Aunty Joan goes over 21 and loses points. 

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Melanie takes advantage and wins the closely contested game!

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Melanie is proud to be the first of her generation to win the coveted Family Reunion Lawn Dart Tournament.
Aunty Joan is proud of her, too.  There is no losing at the Yerema Family Reunion.

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