Family Reunion 2006   

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  The Lawn Dart Tournament ends....

After two days of sudden elimination lawn darting, 

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the winners celebrate. 

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It is history made.  Both men's and women's tournaments are won by a new generation.

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Kayde and Melanie hoist the coveted Lawn Dart trophy with enthusiasm. 

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Cale makes sure that Kayde doesn't lose his Penthouse magazine

     yeremareunion2006206.jpg (87018 bytes)      
Kaye and Melanie are presented with the cash prize, as well as the trophy 
(from the $1 entry fee that all players paid when they signed up).
I know that $31.50 will make a big difference in their lives.

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Congratulations to Reunion 2006 Lawn Dart Champions,
Kayde Yerema and Melanie Skoretz

         That was a lot of fun!

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