Family Reunion 2006   

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  The Lawn Dart Tournament Part Two....

Lawn Darts are still serious business in the Yerema Family.  

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Boris and Shane fight out a tough one.  Boris wins.

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Next match, Dave Y and Zane.  Dave takes it.

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Everyone is going to watch the lawn dart tournament. 

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Boris and Terry.  Terry once again shows off his amazing skill with the lawn dart.  Terry wins.

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Maria and Aunty Joan.  It was a foregone conclusion before the first dart was thrown.  Aunty Joan takes it in decisive style.

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Dave and Kayde.  Dave looks serious.  It doesn't matter.  Kayde wins.  Dave resists the urge to give him a noogie.

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Style is extremely important when lawn darting.

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Jeff and Hollywood watch the action closely.

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Jay and Maria show off some synchronized lawn darts skills.  It's harder than it looks!

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Although it looks like Uncle Adam and Bella were in a horrible car accident, they are just napping at the lawn dart tournament.

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