Family Reunion 2006   

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  The Lawn Dart Tournament begins....

Lawn Darts is serious business in the Yerema Family.  


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Uncle Bill and Uncle Peter play against each other.  Uncle Bill is the victor.  Little brothers are so pesky.  Uncle Peter probably let him win? 

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Jake and Brad play.  Battle of the tall guys is won by the slightly taller guy.  Watch out for next reunion, Brad, Jake is not done growing.

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Even spectating is serious.  As you can see, the Lawn Dart Tourney drew quite a crowd.
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yeremareunion2006066.JPG (188053 bytes) It was hot and humid, so keeping "hydrated" was essential!

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The referee had to be called in many times to measure and make a ruling.  
Aunty Isabelle, with her tape measure, was critical to the tournament.

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Dad against Son.  Kayde won this one.

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Lawn Darts is an extremely physically demanding sport.  Cynthia helps warm up competitors with some extreme yoga.  Trevor is ready to throw some darts.  Thanks to Cynthia, no Lawn Dart related injuries happened during the tournament.

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Terry and Brad play.  Brad puts up a valiant effort but it quickly becomes evident that Terry is just toying with him.  Terry takes the match.

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Uncle Bill and Kayde play a fiercely contested match, and the upstart Kayde wins it!

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More serious spectator photos.

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Corry and Maria play.  There are fears that the game may have to be called for darkness.  Who knew it could take so long to get to 15 points?  Maria wins the match by sheer luck.

yeremareunion2006100.JPG (225430 bytes)  
Three generations of Lawn Darters.

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