Family Reunion 2006   

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Happenings at the Burgis Beach Hall 

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Each morning we had a pancake breakfast at the hall, cooked by family volunteers.
We did a fabulous job!
Boar sausages courtesy of David Skoretz.  Mmm...

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We had a name that baby contest.  
There were five people who correctly identified 
all ten of the babies.
Chelsey won the draw, and the photo of 
our parents and grandparents on the farm..  
Congratulations, Chelsey!

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Dave and Sam.  Big Guy and Little Guy.

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Rasa's Mom, Valaria, came all the way from Lithuania to be at our reunion.

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Twyla and Jay make smiley cakes.
The vodka makes it fun!

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Cooking is fun!


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We are waiting for breakfast

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In the kitchen in the hall.

yeremareunion2006022.JPG (183936 bytes)
Everyone, and I mean everyone, helped out to make the reunion a success.

 yeremareunion2006024.JPG (91883 bytes) yeremareunion2006025.JPG (101596 bytes) yeremareunion2006029.JPG (130463 bytes)

   yeremareunion2006030.JPG (122723 bytes) yeremareunion2006031.JPG (123421 bytes)  yeremareunion2006044.JPG (91585 bytes)yeremareunion2006045.JPG (108285 bytes) yeremareunion2006046.JPG (81854 bytes)
There was a lot of socializing done in the hall.

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The dance was fun, too.

  yeremareunion2006052.JPG (375851 bytes)
 Cynthia's super cool triathlon shoes

yeremareunion2006058.JPG (83079 bytes)
Kyle's super cool tattoo.

yeremareunion2006136.JPG (82440 bytes)
Uncle Bill tells Kayde a secret
(I think it was 'you are too young to get a drink at the bar')

yeremareunion2006137.JPG (87753 bytes) yeremareunion2006138.JPG (104012 bytes)
Terry knows the way to Emma's heart.

 yeremareunion2006135.JPG (126072 bytes)
Shishliki Sunday was a hit.  The guys did a super job of BBQing.

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