Family Reunion 2006   

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Financial Statement

From President Leigh



$3097.00 from registration and silent auction

$254.00 clear profit from the bar

$17.00 from the jellybean jar guesses

$49.00 from the raffle of the 1.75l of vodka

Total: $3417.00


$900.00 to the caterer

$320.00 to shishliki, extra cheese, pickles

$150.00 to DJ

$35.00 to Danica for scavenger-hunt prizes

$75.00 to Corry for buns master

$60.00 to Uncle Bill for the bar & registration float

$92.00 to Isabelle for paper plates, cutlery and cups

$242.00 to Leigh for decorations and groceries

$200.00 to Bill for breakfast sausages, hotdogs, guest book

$30.00 to Peter for propane

$350.00 for hall rental

$90.00 to Isabelle for lunchmeat and cheese

$42.00 to McDonalds for juice

$200.00 to Maria for family web page expenses

$115.00 to Legion for the beef for beef on a bun

Total: $2901.00

Total income:                  $3417.00

Total expenses:               $2901.00

Balance:                           $  516.00

We have $516.00 left over, and I have opened a Yerema Family Reunion account at RBC, Yorkton branch. These funds can be used towards our next reunion so family won’t have to front the money for reunion expenses and wait to be reimbursed.

Thanks to everyone for attending and helping out. We had a very successful reunion!!!!

                                                                                                            President Leigh