Family Reunion 2006   

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  Uncle Bill bought a big bottle of Vodka for the silent auction.  Uncle Bill and Marusia had a bet on whether a draw for the bottle would bring in more than it would at the silent auction.  The draw brought in $49, probably more than it would have got at the silent auction.

              Dave Wins!

      yeremareunion2006026.JPG (84365 bytes) Uncle Adam does the honours, and draws the ticket from the bucket....

yeremareunion2006034.JPG (112878 bytes)  The winner is Dave Yerema!  Yay!

yeremareunion2006027.JPG (121965 bytes) yeremareunion2006028.JPG (148909 bytes) How sad for Dave.  He has no room in his suitcase to bring the giant bottle home with him.

   yeremareunion2006032.JPG (141136 bytes) yeremareunion2006033.JPG (141815 bytes) Forunately, Bella and Uncle Adam are willing to help Dave out of his sad predicament.

  yeremareunion2006035.JPG (93016 bytes) yeremareunion2006037.JPG (111869 bytes) yeremareunion2006038.JPG (178463 bytes) yeremareunion2006042.JPG (140581 bytes) What a great family!  When one of us needs help, we are all willing to pitch in and lend a hand and take a shot for the family.

  yeremareunion2006040.JPG (113889 bytes) Cynthia is also happy to help out Dave.

yeremareunion2006041.JPG (79199 bytes)  yeremareunion2006043.JPG (89542 bytes) yeremareunion2006039.JPG (129136 bytes) Uh oh!  Does Cynthia know that if she makes a face she has to drink another?

yeremareunion2006016.JPG (141543 bytes)  yeremareunion2006047.JPG (223457 bytes) yeremareunion2006048.JPG (274216 bytes) yeremareunion2006056.JPG (132023 bytes) This is my cousin Jay.  She is making 400 smiley cakes for breakfast.  She really likes vodka.

 yeremareunion2006049.JPG (247354 bytes) Shane looks on with fatherly pride as Owen graciously helps out cousin Dave.

yeremareunion2006050.JPG (228317 bytes) yeremareunion2006051.JPG (154846 bytes) I think Cynthia DOES know that if she makes a face she has to drink another one. 

yeremareunion2006053.JPG (142921 bytes) yeremareunion2006054.JPG (137419 bytes) yeremareunion2006055.JPG (176648 bytes) I think Heather and Boris know that too....

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