Family Reunion 2006   

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How much fun can one Family have in Three days?
Let's see:

At the Hall
Uncle Peter & Aunty Isabelle's Cabin

Lawn Dart Tournament
Lawn Dart Tournament Part 2

Lawn Dart Tournament Finals - Women

Lawn Dart Tournament Finals - Men
Lawn Dart Ceremonies
Dave Wins!
Reunion Finances

The Itinerary:

Wednesday, July 26th:
Aunty Isabelle cooked a fabulous Ukrainian meal, 
featuring her famous perogies.
Brad was in perogy heaven.  Thank you so much, Aunty.
After quiet time came at Uncle Peter and Aunty Isabelle's cabin,
we moved over to Lawrence's cabin.  
He and Joanne were away, at their anniversary dinner,
so his lovely daughters, Melanie and Christine were our hosts.
When we asked for drinks, they graciously brought
out all of their liquor that they personally had for the
whole weekend.  And we drank it.  All of it.
We took turns making unique shooters for each other
until it was all gone.
Fun, fun, fun.
They did seem a bit relieved when we replaced it the next day!

Thursday, July 27th: 
Pre-reunion fish-fry.  Those of us who got there early were 
treated to a fabulous fish & chips feast 
courtesy of, and hosted by, Uncle Peter and Aunty Isabelle.  
Uncle Peter, Aunty Isabelle, and Joel personally caught all of the fish.  
It was a terrific meal!
After quiet time came, we once again moved over to 
Lawrence and Joanne's cabin.  As the cousins arrived, 
and the laughter was loud and long.  We were happy to see each other
Thank you Lawrence and Joanne, for giving us all an 'after hours' place
to socialize.  We had so much fun!
And it really wasn't that quiet.  
We probably kept people across the lake awake.
Aunty Irene, Uncle Terry, and Aunty Ann treated
us all to an amazing Northern Lights show.

Friday, July 28th:
The hall (and the bar) opened at 5:00 for registration.  
It is amazing how loud the hall gets with almost a hundred 
Yerema's all talking (and laughing) at once.  
A late night  tasty beef on a bun was served.

Saturday, July 29th:
10:00 Pancake breakfast at the hall.  
Boar sausages courtesy of David Skoretz.  Mmm...
Afternoon: Lawn dart tournament begins, 
scavenger hunt, and softball game.  Lots of fun, no injuries!
Silent Auction goes all afternoon in the hall.
6:00 pm Silent auction closes and auction winners pick up their prizes.  
We made a record breaking amount this year.
7:00 pm Catered dinner.
9:00 pm Dougie the DJ spins tunes till the wee hours.  
It was supposed to be 1 am, but he (and we) are having so much fun that he played until 3 am.  
Rasputin is played at least 6 times.
After dance: I don't know what happened.  I had to go to bed!

Sunday, July 30th:
10:00 Pancake breakfast
Afternoon: Continuation of lawn dart tournament
4:00 Shishliki Sunday!  The boys BBQ
a delicious, delicious shishliki.
We all enjoy and reminisce. 
Later afternoon: The women's lawn dart championship,
followed by the men's lawn dart championship.
Both are upset wins!
Early Evening; We have a sing-a-long and
Rob debuts his song about our family.
There wasn't a dry eye in the house.
I still get chills thinking about that moment surrounded by my family.

Wasn't that a party?!
Gigantic thanks to all the organizers.  
President Leigh did a phenomenal job getting us all organized.  
We can't thank you enough for all your hard work and effort. 
(I hope the nightmares will decrease with therapy!)
Holly was astounding as our food guru.  
Her organization and leadership skills are especially awe inspiring 
when you consider that she was really sick during the reunion.  
Lawrence did a spectacular job organizing the bar, 
we didn't run out of anything, 
and he managed to make a nice profit, too. 
Terry & Carol's excellent organizing of the 
silent auction resulted in record sales.  
Thank you so much for doing a great job on 
such an important part of the reunion.  You make it look easy.
Maria (me) did a pretty good job with the graphic support 
and assisting Leigh long-distance, mostly just cheering her on!
Uncle Bill was our mentor and helped us all every step of the way, 
as well as financing the start up costs.
Uncle Peter & Aunty Isabelle were incredible in mentoring Leigh 
and helping with organizing, as well as being fabulous hosts at their cabin.  
I know Brad is still smiling about the perogy feast, 
and the fish fry will become legendary 
(for those of you who showed up on Friday--you really missed out!).
Danica did a fabulous job of organizing the scavenger hunt.  
Great fun was had by all, and it went off without a hitch.
Trevor & Kayde did a wonderful job of organizing the softball game.  
Unique rules helped ensure that everyone had fun.
Special thanks to David Skoretz for providing the fabulous boar sausages.  
They were SO GOOD!

Finally, everyone who attended and helped out with clean up 
and cooking really made the reunion fun!  
I didn't hear any criticisms of the job the organizers did, 
and everyone pitched in to help when they were asked without complaint.
Let me know if I missed anyone.  

It was this spirit of love, appreciation, and 
cooperation that made the reunion special 
and the time we spent organizing it all worth whil