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Pets are Family, too!

Yerema Family Pet Page

This page contains photos of another part of our family, our pets.  
Send me your photos and info about your beloved family member, past or present.  

Jen with Hollywood, Tara with Flea, 
and Chelsey with Daisy
at the 2006 family reunion.


Naliak (meaning 'which one' in Inuktutuk

Una (meaning 'this one' in Inuktutuk)

Taanna (meaning 'that one')

Richard and Sheryl's Children


This is my new baby, Henry.  He is ten weeks old in this photo (May, 2006).  He's bigger now, but just as cute!





Trevor & Vered's children.  They are long haired cats and have recently been shaved for summer coolness.

"Simon" & "Jasmine"

Jeff & Jen's dog- big attitude for such a little guy.  
He looks like a show dog in this photo.



Tara & Kyle's first son.