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I am basing this family tree on the one from our reunion recipe book.  A few things have changed since then.  If you have information that you would like added, or can fill in information for one of the question marks here, or you notice any errors, let me know.  Thanks.

This is a living family tree.  Things can be added or changed.  Let me know if you are not happy with your "listing", and I will change it.

Also let me know if you find it confusing and hard to follow.

(from Tara)
Again, Ray's blog gets a hit from a Yerema connection! Here's the message:
Hello, I was just visiting your family page when searching for information about my family, in the how it all began section, The Mr. Chicorli, spoken of ( who used to buy eggs from your family) was my great grandfather. It was wonderful to hear the story, just wanted to say email is

New Format!  I have put the family tree into a .pdf format (same as the Ukrainian family tree).  
It should be easier to look at now.  Let me know what you think.