Some Family Photos    

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Photos from David Yerema's family

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emmaturnstwo.JPG (555807 bytes)            emma2005.JPG (453398 bytes)

Emma turns two!  and Emma a year earlier, what a difference a year makes!

emmawinks.JPG (641807 bytes)

Emma learns to wink

markerface.JPG (520479 bytes)  markerfaces.JPG (533316 bytes)

Emma follows Sam's lead with felt marker pens

kidsrock.JPG (813022 bytes)  samrocks.JPG (680483 bytes)

kids hiking at Lynn Canyon

kidsbath.JPG (573350 bytes)

fun in the bath/very large 'blue eyes'

balloonhead.JPG (676278 bytes)  emmacool.JPG (591293 bytes)  samfalsecreek.JPG (553246 bytes)  scooterkids.JPG (616679 bytes)

Basically, the kids are loving that the winter is over!! are we

sambirthday.JPG (555808 bytes)  helicopterboys.JPG (557681 bytes)  emmaplays.JPG (359108 bytes)  kidsplay.JPG (595558 bytes)

Sam's birthday party

  bigeyedkids.JPG (779514 bytes)  emmasmiles.JPG (530314 bytes)

Do you think they know they are cute?