FUNdraiser for Aunty Isabelle   

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Event: Izzy Steak Night Fundraiser at 'Tapps' in Yorkton, SK. 
(Tapps is the newest of our sports bars in town)
Date: Feb.17, 2007

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Neither Isabelle nor Peter had a clue anything had been set up until
they entered the door

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The proceeds from $12 Steak (or equivalent) Dinners were split 50/50
between the bar & the Yerema's.  Tickets were pre-sold and made available
to patrons at the door.
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In addition, Joel Shier & friend Tom Hayden had a fundraiser going where
they agreed to shave their heads for cash.  

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Over the evening, family
friend Terry Wilcox offered her ample locks, inspiring acquaintances
Shawn (aka 'Rico') Reese & Alec Danyluk to do the same later in the evening.

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Should anyone wish to contribute further, these can be send to Leigh
(nee Yerema) Shier / 31 Northfield Bay / Yorkton, SK. / S3N 2M1 

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Special thanks to cousin Jim on the Novakowski side for providing photos and narrative