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Family faces are magic mirrors. 
Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future.
~ Gail Lumet Buckley 

November Birthdays!
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New baby Page. (Could use some more photos)  Click here

Photos from Trevor and Vered's wedding.  Click here

New Page for Ukrainian Christmas Traditions.  Click here
and the Yerema Christmas Traditions page is back.  Click here.

New format for Wedding Album Page 
(Still need wedding photos)

New format for family tree
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Family URLs
Kyle has created a website about Ukrainians in Saskatoon

Aunty Joan's family website:
Aunty Joan's mother was Dorothy, and she was a daughter of Isaac and Margaret Davis
Holly's band's website:
Jim's website for his aquarium in Ucluelet:
Richard's company's job search site:  
Maria's business service site: and recover from depression site: 
Kyle contributes to a website: Ray's blog at: 
  Aunty Isabelle's FUNdraiser page

Photos from David Yerema's Family
Click here
See Terry & Carol's Party page here
See photos of Trevor and Vered's new place

Christmas with the Yerema's

Grey Cup 2006 at Trevor & Vered's

Richard & Cheryl's New Place
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Aunty Joan & Jay's Art Gallery & Studio

Well everyone probably knows by now, but if you don't, Danica and Cale are expecting!!  Congratulation to you both.  Danica is a beautiful mother to be!
Anyone want to start a baby pool?


Corry and Adrian bought a house!  In Yorkton!
Adrian is currently out on the ocean tuna fishing, and when he returns in early November, they will be packing up and moving to Yorkton with Leigh and Joel's help.  They get possession on November 15th, and apparently the house is beautiful, but Corry is adamant that the purple shag carpet in the master bedroom has to go.  Send photos when you can, and congratulations!



Engagement News!

Hi Family.  I am very happy to report that Jen and I are officially engaged! I proposed to her this last weekend in our private hot tub in Whistler. After her saying Oh My God twice, she finally said yes! It was a magical weekend for both of us. I now know what true love really feels like. We are now in the planning stages of the wedding, and we are looking at the Okanagan area summer 2008. We love you all and talk to you soon.   Love Jeff

My email is jeffshinkewski@
if any of you want to email me.

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Winter Travel
Send me info on your winter travel plans.

Hi Family!    How are you...It's really wet here for Thanksgiving Weekend. Only Melanie and Christine are planning to come home to visit with Michael and us at home....maybe Zane and some friends as well.....but the reason I'm emailing is to let you know.....Joanne and I have booked a flight to Hawaii this fall...leaving Nov 14 and returning Nov23.....Calgary to San Francisco to Honolulo to Kailua-Kona...the Big Island.... BUT.....if the Federal Election is called for this fall......then I can't go because I will have to work as Automation Co-ordinator at the Regina-Qu'Appelle I hope there is no Federal Election till next spring!!!!    Hope Brad and you are fine like always...we really appreciated your baby skunk pictures.    awesome....keep up the good work with our web of everything to everyone.......Lawrence!

Wedding Photos Needed!
I am STILL looking for some wedding photos.  If anyone has photos of the following weddings and could send me a copy, I would greatly appreciate it:
Uncle Mike and Aunty Ann
Aunty Irene and Uncle Adam
Shane and Marsha
Dave and Rasa
Jay and Rob


 'Adopt a family from Ukraine' program is happening.  We have 14 families sponsored at last count.

If you have signed up remember to get your letter, $100, and any photos you would like to send, to Dave by November 15th.
If you would like to participate, you would be assigned a family from our family tree.  
We will try to match similar ages, families, etc.  You would be committing to sending $100 
(converted to US funds, which is easier for them to use), twice per year-
at Christmas and at Easter.  The Christmas donation would be sent in early November.

Dave and Maria have funds from when Uncle Terry died, and have decided 
to send them to the Ukraine this Christmas.  We would like to get this program 
organized this month, so if you are interested, please contact Dave Y or Holly.


Ferron went on a fabulous trip this year to Africa.  She visited Kenya and Tanzania for 6 weeks on a mission with her church.  Her group renovated a school, held bible camps for 600 kids, helped with homes, and generally helped out wherever they could in the communities they visited.  It sounds like a life changing trip.   Any photos?
Chantelle went on a three week vacation to Spain, lucky girl.

I am still looking for photos of  Uncle Mike, Diana, and Jason H.  If anyone has one that they could send me, I would appreciate it!  

I would also like a better photo of Sheryl.

Jay and Rob


Feature Photo

Easter, April 1982
Tara & Leigh are way too cute.
 Send me photos for Feature Photo


Where we all began.....
Baba & Gido

Maria Yerema (nee Palchewich) and Dymtro Yerema
(1903-1954) (1900-1967)

Our Grandparents came to Canada in 1926 (Gido) and 1929 (Baba, with the girls).  We all come from them.


Here we are now!

2003 Family Reunion Photo
(Click on image for larger picture)

Our Family Photo Taken in August, 2003 
at "The Lake" during our Family Reunion


The original family homestead